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I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical

By Bunmi Laditan, Huff Post Parents, March 31, 2014 If our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could see the pressure modern mothers put on themselves, they’d think we were insane.  Since when does being a good mom mean you spend your days creating elaborate crafts for your children, making sure their rooms are decked-out Pottery Barn IkeaContinue Reading

HOW WE SPEND OUR DAYS: The Real, the Virtual, and Placing Our Children in Nature’s Path

By Cindy Ross on March 1st, 2014 HOW WE SPEND OUR DAYS: The Real, the Virtual, and Placing Our Children in Nature’s Path All along the creek are miles and miles of beaver dams in all stages of construction and deterioration. Behind dry, deserted dams, the silt is built up to dam level, making itContinue Reading

Pond Hill Farm Easter Egg Hunt Apr 19th

Easter Egg Hunt at Pond Hill Farm Time to be determined. Spring is a great time of year for a visit to this very kid-friendly farm!  

Raven Hill Discovery Center – free to families on Apr 12th

FREE (Families Reaching Educational Excellence) 2nd Saturday Series: A Family Affair Noon to 4 Free admission for families.  Please no groups or organizations.   Families can explore the hands-on museum and animals indoors and enjoy the outdoor exhibits as weather permits. Questions? 231.536.3369 | 877.833.4254 | info@ravenhilldiscoverycenter.org  

The Overprotected Kid by Hanna Rosin, Apr 2014

A trio of boys tramps along the length of a wooden fence, back and forth, shouting like carnival barkers. “The Land! It opens in half an hour.” Down a path and across a grassy square, 5-year-old Dylan can hear them through the window of his nana’s front room. He tries to figure out what half anContinue Reading

Maple Moon Family Sugary Weekend Tours, Mar-Apr

Maple Moon Family Sugary is offering free tours of its maple syrup production this spring. Saturdays and Sundays through the end of April Tours at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, no reservations needed Located 4 miles east of Petoskey at 4454 Atkins Rd www.mmsyrup.com or 231-487-9058

Jr. Master Gardener Course at Lincoln Elementary, Apr 16th – May 21st

MSU Extension 4-H Jr. Master Gardener Course offered at Lincoln Elementary for 3rd – 5th graders Wednesdays from April 16th to May 21st 3:15 – 5:00 Registration due April 4th. $25 if registered before Friday, April 4, $35 for registration between April 4 – 7. Students will meet after school once a week at LincolnContinue Reading

Owl Banding at Headlands International Dark Sky Park

Saturday, April 5th 7:30 to 9:30 pm Guest House Owl Banding with Ed Pike Professional birder Ed Pike, licensed bird bander, will conduct research on migrating saw-whet owls at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. Though the event is free and open to the public, space is limited and reservations are required.  To study theContinue Reading

Discovery Hill—A Schoolyard Habitat

October 29, 2013 By Marya Fowler Ashley Gutierrez and Alexis Cody use a boulder to write their observations. On the way back to school one girl in my class said, “What fun…I love that place” and another said “I wish we could go everyday” and a boy remarked, “I just didn’t know we could findContinue Reading

Stressed Out in America: 5 Reasons to Let Your Kids Play

By Katie Hurley, Huffington Post, Feb 28, 2014 It’s no big secret that children are currently on the fast track to success.  What kind of success they might find at the end of this high-pressure race remains to be seen, but they are being pushed to succeed everywhere they turn. Children, it seems, are losingContinue Reading