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The forest school revolution: leaves, logs and life skills

Lucy Ward in The Guardian Tuesday 21 April 2015 Grey clouds are looming above Chrishall Holy Trinity and St Nicholas CE primary school in the rural north-west corner of Essex, but a row of bright wellies are lined up ready for action outside the reception classroom. Inside, class “praying mantis” are sitting in fleeces and overtrousers,Continue Reading

Children and nature: Tips for renewing your kids’ interest in the outdoors

By Dr. Carla Gull, written in a community blog for The Elkhart Truth, Inside Outside Michiana. When her outdoors-loving son told her he didn’t like nature anymore, community blogger Carla Gull’s heart broke a little bit. However, she’s come up with some ideas that give children time, space and encouragement to enjoy it once more.Continue Reading

7 Northern Michigan Winter Destinations

By MyNorth/Traverse Magazine Staff on February 9, 2015 Check out 7 Northern Michigan winter destinations ranging from Marquette to Ludington, snow beauty satisfies like no other. Expand your winter spirit and take some days to enjoy these seven enchanting destinations. The feature was originally published in the February 2015 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.Continue Reading

GKO’s Feb 2015 Newsletter

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Kids Helmet Safety in Northern Michigan

By Jennifer Ritter on December 12, 2014 Children are adventurous by nature. Fun and play is their work, and for many the idea of fun also equals thrill! For children, teens and some adults, a “thrill” comes from doing something fast and maybe even a bit dangerous. This is normal human nature and shouldn’t beContinue Reading

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Kids

By Eliza Foster on January 13, 2015 The Grand Traverse Bay YMCA in Traverse City has been open at their new location for several months and they brought several of their popular programs to the new space when they moved, including the Youth WOW program. The program was established in 2009 and focuses on weightContinue Reading

Looking for Christmas gift ideas to get your kids outside this winter?

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Winter Survival Strategies for a Grouse, a Weasel and a Flea

By Cara McDonald on February 24, 2014 We take a look at two animals and an insect for clues to how life in the wild makes it through a long, cold winter in Northern Michigan. Hibernation? Forgettaboudit. Surviving  the bitter cold of Michigan winters requires pluck, resistance—and strategy, strategy, strategy. Whether it’s plummeting into snowbanks,Continue Reading

Beyond the Harvest: Five Ways Gardens Support Your Health

Garden produce provides nutritional benefits, but the very act of digging in the dirt nurtures mind, body, and soul. By Jill Metzler Patton / May 2014 What if some of life’s greatest truths could be revealed by caring for a plot of vegetables? What if much of what we need for well-being could beContinue Reading

The Mind Does Not Belong in a Cubicle

Laura Smith, Apr 28,  2014, The Atlantic                                 Joerg Sarbach/AP A group of 16 people sits in front of large Mac desktops in clusters of three and four at a start-up in Brooklyn. Aside from the steady tapping away at keyboards, there is little noise. It’s six o’clock, and people just want to go home.Continue Reading